TFFF - Stage Two (Part 1 of 3) Complete


Friday 25th July
Tacfit Firefighter First Alarm
STAGE 2 (Part 1 of 3) IS COMPLETE!


Tacfit Fire Fighter First Alarm
Stage 2 (Part 1 of 3) Complete

Reflections – Notes, Data and Summaries.


  • STAGE 1 - Take 2 cycles (8 days) to recover with mobility and compensation training. Start Tacfit Firefighter with The Tacfit Firefighter Challenge. Complete 7 cycles of Tacfit Fire Fighter at Level 1 (Recruit Level) to ease into the program. COMPLETED.
  • STAGE 2 - Take one cycle (4 days to recover). Combo of mobility and compensation/recovery work. Do the TFFF Challenge at Proby Level (Level 2). Complete all 23 cycles of TFFF at Proby Level (Level 2). The first 7 cycles will be strictly Proby and after that I will see whether I can progress some movements to higher levels. This stage will be broken up into 3 parts; Part 1 (Cycles 1 - 7) COMPLETED, Part 2 (Cycles 8 - 15), and Part 3 (Cycles 16 - 23).
  • STAGE 3 - Unknown future!


I'm quite excited to see what this summary yields in terms of data, performance and feelings. I wrote an extensive review of Tacfit Fire Fighter First Alarm in my Stage One summary HERE, so won't repeat myself.

I will, however, give a short list of bullet points pertaining to TFFF. These are just notes that I jotted down as I was working through the program during Stage 1 and 2:

 Light BulbI am currently undertaking a recovery phase using Tacfit Firefighter's mobilty and compensation programs and have to say that I am really impressed. The coaching cues are excellent and I have learned more about certain movements that I thought I already knew about!

Light Bulb I really like the fact that there is no background music to the follow along videos. Personally I stopped playing music while training so that I could focus on performance and this is a welcome asset to the follow-alongs.

Light Bulb I had a great compensation session today. I only needed to do one circuit but you can always add more recovery as long as you don't stray into moderate intensity. What I like about TFFF is that they also encourage the use of intuition.

Light Bulb The follow-along videos are excellent. These guys have thought of everything! 

Light Bulb The Tacfit Firefighter compensation series is my favourite. 40% of the poses are ones that I need to develop and it is working a treat. I could feel the release as I progressed through the circuits. I have never done an hours worth of compensations before but this is the second time in as many cycles. Props to TFFF! 

Light Bulb Achieving goals................With Tacfit Fire Fighter I know that I can 'just keep showing up' and will achieve my goals safely and have good fun at the same time. How many fitness programs can offer that? :) 

Light Bulb I wanted to share a recent comment I made to Ryan at Tacfit Fire Fighter. For me it highlights the positive mental and emotional effect that a highly intelligent 'fitness' program can provide in life as well as the gym.

I have/had an 'all or nothing' personality but with amazing programs such as Tacfit and Tacfit First Alarm I now have an 'all or even more' personality. This new attitude has transcended into my personal and professional life for the better. What you are offering goes way beyond fitness.

Tacfit Fire Fighter First AlarmAs before I will work backwards by giving a summary of the last 7 Cycles and then expand on it with data etc. 

I completed Stage 1 of Tacfit Fire Fighter: First Alarm on the 1st June 2014 (please see HERE for the article that I wrote). After a 10 day recovery period (extended from 4 to 8 days and then 8 to 10 days!) I commenced Stage 2.

Stage 2 commenced with one cycle (4 days) of the Tacfit Fire Fighter Challenge. Day 1 of 93 started on the 16th June 2014 and I have completed 7 Cycles (28 days).

The journey thus far has been positively frustrating (?!) and fantastic at the same time. I had a shaky start, a confusing middle and a beautiful peak at the end. I'm into bullet points at the moment so here goes:

1. Started Day 1 of 93 on the 16th June. Pretty exhausted. Was coming to the end of 3 months of 7 day working weeks.

2. Cycle 1 - TOUGH! (Body adapting to 'work' again) Cycle 2 - GREAT! (adapted!)

3. 7 day working weeks finished. 23rd June - Went on holiday. Plans to follow the program completely changed. Still did training (got the Fire Fighter Challenge in), which was cool. Displaced Cycle 3.

4. Between the 23rd and 29th I didn't follow a set program and also took a couple of days off (did nothing. No mobility, no compensations, no training). This was the first time since October 2013.

5. 30th June - Commenced Cycle 3. Very comfortable. Quote from my training log "feeling serene".

6. 5th July Started Cycle 4. Missed the High Intensity day. Repeated Cycle 4. Starting to get unsettled. Not used to taking days off.

7. Cycle 5 and 6 - BEAUTIFUL.

8. Cycle 7 - Nailed it. Had a blast. Loved every second. I'm back!

I'm probably stating the obvious here, but I want to make it clear that the unsettling parts were all from me, NOT the program. To be very blunt I would have to be a complete idiot to lay any type of blame anywhere. There is no blame to lay. This is a journey of personal growth.

There were two positives from the 'unsettling' moments. First, it was a great experience because it made me understand the need to listen to the body more, especially when the voice is intuition as opposed to the naughty voice wanting one to partake in bouts of self-sabotage. After a long 3 months of 7 day working weeks, it was time to RESET. The missed days were absolutely necessary and I am glad I took them. At the time it was unsettling because I was kinda fighting with my ego. "I've not taken a day off since last year. You're starting to fail, Andy. Blah-de-blah". This chatter is just not relevant as life, love, feelings, work, training etc ebb and flow like the ocean; ride the highs, learn from the lows.

Maybe I am a slow learner, but I see a big difference between 'knowing' and 'internalising'. I'm no spring chicken. I know this stuff...........BUT.........until I internalised it I didn't know it. Go figure!  

The second positive was that the old me would go on holiday, stop training while on holiday and then stop training when I got back! The me of today didn't follow that pattern, which I am delighted about. I displaced or did other types of training and it was wonderful. It also made me miss my beloved Fire Fighter program and gave me the added strength to peak on a high. Beautiful.

My experience thus far has given me the view that Tacfit Fire Fighter: First Alarm is a wonderful program and I'm really excited to see where I am at the end of Cycle 23. The nice thing is that the end will be a new beginning................


 The following information relates to my personal journey thus far. It includes data, thoughts, opinions and so on.............. 


DISCLAIMER - I will be presenting data that is NOT required when one undertakes TFFF. I have included it for information purposes only and use it to aid my performance goals. I have indicated which data is required and which is through personal choice.



I keep learning more about mobility as I continue. Ironically it was only today that I understood true cadence and the marrying of relaxed (flow?) breath to movement and structure. I can no longer envisage life without regular mobility. Aching joints are now a distant memory.

If you don't do mobility, stop reading this and get started now............  



I am way beyond "over the moon". Heading towards Venus me thinks. My back and side bends feel very stable and the dogs are strong, Man. Loving it.




Really feel I am nailing moderate intensity output. The Proby moves are definitely more challenging but with the bedding-in of the movement patterns from Recruit Level they are very manageable (challengingly comfortable is my descriptor).  

Heart Rate Data. (not required by TFFF - personal choice)


Cycle RECRUIT - Avg Peak Heart Rate (Monitor)*  PROBY - Avg Peak Heart Rate (Monitor)* 
TFFF Challenge - TUT30 NO DATA  140
1 - TUT20 NO DATA  131
2 - TUT20 136  149
3 - TUT30 137  147
4 - TUT30 134  138
5 - TUT40 147  NO DATA
6 - TUT40 143  NO DATA
7 - TUT30 140 139
AVERAGES 140 141

 * Peak heart rate was taken from the my heart rate monitor.



Cycle RECRUIT - Avg Recovery Heart Rate (Mechanical)** PROBY - Avg Recovery Heart Rate (Mechanical)**
TFFF Challenge - TUT30 107 121
1 - TUT20 119 127
2 - TUT20 105 142
3 - TUT30 119 136
4 - TUT30 111 139
5 - TUT40 117 131
6 - TUT40 143 146
7 - TUT30 117 125
AVERAGES 113 133

** Recovery heart rate was obtained by counting during the rest periods from seconds 15 to 30, then multiplying by 4.

NOTE: Cannot really compare Recruit and Proby due to different movements. Info purposes only.



These have been tough, challenging and amazing all at the same time. I have NEVER come away with less energy after the training session. Of course I am game over immediately after but upon completion of the compensatory cool down I feel ALIVE. Wonderful movements, perfect amount of time. Who needs more? Just GREAT.

Scores. (Data required by TFFF to measure progress) 

 TFFF Challenge 20 20
1 - Protocol 1 27 22
2 - Protocol 2 264 216
3 - Protocol 3 17 18
4 - Protocol 4 6 5
5 - Protocol 5 155 110
6 - Protocol 6 09:55  Time Out / 20 minutes expired
7 - TFFF Challenge 20 20


Cycle RECRUIT - Peak Heart Rate  PROBY - Peak Heart Rate 
 TFFF Challenge 160 166
1 - Protocol 1 154 163
2 - Protocol 2 156 159
3 - Protocol 3 160 167
4 - Protocol 4 166 166
5 - Protocol 5 164 158
6 - Protocol 6 163 155
7 - TFFF Challenge 161 166


Cycle RECRUIT - Lowest Level PROBY - Lowest Level 
 TFFF Challenge Recruit Proby
1 - Protocol 1 Recruit Recruit
2 - Protocol 2 Recruit Proby
3 - Protocol 3 Recruit Recruit
4 - Protocol 4 Recruit  Proby
5 - Protocol 5 Recruit Proby
6 - Protocol 6 Recruit Proby
7 - TFFF Challenge Recruit Proby

* Peak heart rate during entire workout, not average of peak rates from each exercise.

NOTE: Cannot really compare Recruit and Proby due to different movements. Info purposes only.



1. Having a wonderful 'peak' with Cycle 7.

2. Learning more about listening to intuition.

3. Developing new movement patterns.

4. Enhancing strength/surrender during the compensations.




1. It is OK to RESET when your body is telling you to.

2. Understanding that I am now at a level where the voices are intuition as opposed to the self-sabotaging ones.


This fantastically simple program has enabled me to finally quit Snickers bars!!!!!!!!! Was a bit of an obsession for me but now I have well and truly kicked the chocolate to the kerb. Bye bye deliciously crap food. Details of the compliance scores HERE.



Body CompositionWorth repeating - experience has taught me that certain numbers cannot be relied on when dealing with weight and fat percentages. Especially when one is using cheap equipment. I have included the numbers below for info purposes but I don't take them with a pinch of salt; more a handful! Saying that, they seem pretty consistent. Who knows. Maybe I should be less sceptical.

Date 23rd April 2014 1st June 2014 25th July 2014
Weight 73.6kg / 161.92lbs 73.8kg / 162.36lbs 73.6kg / 161.92lbs
Body Fat % 9.00% 8.22% 8.8%


 The above is an average taken over a 3 day period. Naked weight taken 3 consecutive mornings upon waking. Fat % taken 3 times in a row over 3 consecutive days.


We're Done!The continuation of Stage Two is now under way. Plan as follows:

1. Undertake Cycles 8 to 15.

2. Give a summary at the end of Cycle 15 (Stage Two - Part 2 of 3).

3. Undertake Cycles 16 to 23 and provide a final summary.


Song of the DaySong for this stage - "Counting Stars"  by One Republic.