BAD45 - Further Training During This Cycle


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BAD45 - Hormonal Optimization

1st January 2015
Further Training Calendar



I will be following the BAD45 program to the letter, however, there may be times when I add additional training centred around recovery (with the occasional 10minATP session thrown in for good measure!).

I am mindful of Tacfit and BAD45's motto of "You can add more recovery, but you can't add more work" and will monitor work/recovery levels closely.

Full details of this current stage of training can be found HERE.


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Mobility and compensations are built into the program, however, I am adding additional mobility at the beginning of the morning session and doing all 3 6 Degree Flows slowly after the afternoon/evening session.

Details as follows:

AM - Mobility: (Area x Number of different drills)

Neck clovers x 2
Shoulder Rotations x 4
Arm Clovers x 1
Elbow Figure 8's x 2
Wrist Clovers x 1
Thoracic Clovers x 1
Spinal Wave x 1
Hip Clovers / Cardinals x 1 drill of each
Leg Figure 8's x 1

PM - Compensations

Roll & Sway Flow (from 6DFlow) - 1 slow and controlled flow per side.
Pitch & Surge (from 6DFlow) - 1 slow and controlled flow per side.
Yaw & Heave (from 6DFlow) - 1 slow and controlled flow per side.

January 2015 - I used to be quite a big 'walker'. Up to about a year ago I would walk an average of 2 miles per day. That stopped when my job location changed. It was not an issue as my training provides everything I need. At the end of December (2014) I decided to go for a long walk to clear out some cobwebs. I came across a cool coffee shop and decided to walk there and back on an almost daily basis. This equates to a round trip of about 2.5 miles. Sometimes I also travel to the beach and go for walks there, which is super relaxing. All good perpetual exercise :)


14th Jan 2015 - MOBILITY -  Full mobility session looking out to sea :) - 20ish minutes

Mobility Tiger Beach.jpg15th Jan 2015
- MOBILITY - Walked to my favourite coffee shop and stopped at different stages along the way to do 5 minutes of mobility.

Stopped 4 or 5 times for a total mobility session of about 25 minutes. 

Combo of ranges, circles and clovers.