A Foolish But Interesting 'Experiment' - 13th March 2015


Post-BAD45 - Testing Hormones

3rd March - 13th March 2015
Letting Ones Hair Down!



Finished BAD45 on the 27th February (2015). Undertook some simple recovery for a mini-cycle (4 days) and then headed off on holiday for 10 days. I loaded my trusty Dell pad with my planned training schedule for the 10 day journey complete with calendars and videos. I was a man with a solid plan....but....sometimes plans don't go as planned!



I undertook basic mobility training for the first two days and did nothing on day 3. It was an unplanned departure from the solid schedule. On day 4 I did the entire Tacfit Fire Fighter: First Alarm Mobility program. This was not in the plan, but was something as opposed to nothing! Day 5 was nothing again and day 6 was 3 rounds of the Tacfit Fire Fighter: First Alarm TUT30 Program. After that was nothing until I returned home.

During my holiday it became evident to me that I was not going to be following my training schedule. When this realisation set in I made the bold (or foolish, depending on your viewpoint) decision to try something unusual. I decided to 'let my hair down' and see what the results would be. I slipped back into my old (very old) ways and ate crap food, drank copious amounts of alcohol and gorged on chocolate! My fellow London mates would say, "What a Tosser!"

Why did I undertake this experiment (aka stupidity)? I wanted to see how it would affect me (as well as have a naughty rocking time!). Prior to the trip I felt super fit and internally believed that I had close to optimal hormone optimisation. I had just finished BAD45, felt fantastic, felt balanced and needed a bloody good break! My post-holiday fat levels would yield the answer.

I went from 72.4kg (159.28lbs) at the beginning of the trip up to 75.7kg (166.5lbs) by the end. The real kicker was that within 3 days of returning to healthy living I was back down to 72.7kg (159.94lbs). The additional weight must have been a combo of a little fat and water.

This 'experiment' confirmed that I am in a pretty healthy state (physically) and pretty darn stupid (mentally :). Looking at what I actually consumed (chart below), one would have expected a dramatic increase in weight. But no. There was a sharp increase and them rapid recovery. As of the 16th March I feel back on form and just completed a Tacfit Bruiser Clubbell training session. Feel stronger than before the holiday (due to extended recovery as opposed to shite nutrition!)

I have absolutely no desire to repeat this 'experiment' but did enjoy it 'in the moment'. Healthy living is so much more desirable and is how I plan to continue living :) 

Info DATA 


Day 1 of Holiday (Start) 3rd March 2015 72.4 159.28  
Day 10 of Holiday (End) 13th March 2015 75.7 166.5 Increase of 3.3kg / 7.26lbs
3 Days After Holiday 16th March 2015 72.7 159.94 Dropped 3kg / 6.6lbs in 3 days.
6 Days After Holiday 19th March 2015 72.2 158.84 0.2kg / 0.44lbs lighter than Day 1 of holiday.




  Date Breakfast Lunch Dinner Daily  
          Number of pints  
  3/3/2015 Airplane Food Airplane Food Kebab 0  
  3/4/2015 Cooked English Breakfast (Café) Pub Lunch Pub Dinner 3  
  3/5/2015 Cooked English Breakfast (Café) Cornish Pasty from shop Pub Dinner 4  
  3/6/2015 Mexican breakfast (restaurant) Fish & Chips (Café) KFC 3  
  3/7/2015 2 large coffees from Starbucks! Kebab Dinner at Friends 6  
  3/8/2015 McDonald's Breakfast Kebab Pub Dinner 5  
  3/9/2015 Cooked English Breakfast (Hotel) No lunch Pub Dinner 5  
  3/10/2015 Breakfast at Friends Kebab Pub Dinner 5  
  3/11/2015 No breakfast Kebab Hotel Dinner 4  
  3/12/2015 McDonald's Breakfast Bacon butty - Pub Airplane Food 5  
  3/13/2015 Airplane Food No lunch Airplane Food 4  


The above does not include the daily Snickers bars, Crunchies, Twix Bars, biscuits and other crap!